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Toxicology Information Links

Cancer Sources
American Cancer Society

Great site with information for practitioners, including cancer statistics.
Cancer Rates and Risks

Information about the SEER database regarding cancer rates and risks.
Carcinogenic Potency Project (CPDB)

Information from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory on carcinogenic potency of substances.
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

This site provides in-depth links for information regarding chemical carcinogens.
National Cancer Institute NCI CancerNet Database

CancerNet from NCI provides up-to-date information for physicians about cancer. It also has concise summaries about prognosis, staging and treatment for more than 80 tumor types. There is also information about chemocherapeutic agents. The redistribution is maintained by the University of Bonn.
National Cancer Institute Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics

There is an available search engine for specific substances and environmental cancer causation.
Chemistry Links - (back to top)
American Chemical Society

This site provides information regarding the American Chemical Society with multiple and very useful links for uncommon chemical substances. Primarily it provides organic and physical chemical information that is difficult to find elsewhere. There is also a publications section.

Great site for a variety of chemistry issues, form course notes, to structures. Includes a section on medicinal chemistry. Also has a link to do conversions and calculations.
International Programme on Chemical Safety

Great site for information on chemicals. It also contains information on toxicology of compounds with monographs on specific substances.
Kiwi Web

This site provides many links to areas of chemistry, safety, alchemy, analytical chemistry and search sites
Periodic Table, University of Sheffield, England

This has an excellent printable and downloadable periodic chart. There are also many links to other areas of chemistry (organic, biochemical, physical, etc.)
Government - Nonregulatory - (back to top)
Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

This site provides information on active ingredients including phytho-chemical and ethno-botanical data bases which can be searched by plant name, active chemicals, ethno-botanical use and lethal dosage information if that is available. It also provides a link to other sites as well. Center for the Evaluation of Risk to Human Reproduction (CERHR)
ECOTOX Database

This is a good site for obtaining ecotox summaries. It's divided into terrestrial widelife toxicology, aquatic life toxicology, and terrestrial plant toxicology.
Ecological Soil Screening Levels

Ecological soil screening levels workgroup site. This provides information on toxicologic reference values, environmental chemistry, soil parameters and exposure modeling. This site is maintained by the Office of Emergency and Remedial Response.
Environmental Health Information Service

This site provides access to Environmental Health Perspectives and its supplements, NTP technical reports, Rodent Chemical database of historical controls and Chemical Health & Safety. It also provides access to Environews by topic such as chemical exposures, biological threats, endocrine disruptors, etc.
EPA's Dioxin Hazard Reassessment Page

This site provides information about modeling, risk assessment and detailed information about all 419 dioxins.
European chemical Substances Information System (formerly European Chemical Bureau)

This is a great site with a lot of information ranging form biocides, classification and labeling issues to import-export control.
Federal Register

This provides on-line access to the Federal Register for information regarding regulatory toxicology issues from the last few years.
Food and Drug Administration

This is a good source for non-compliant medical devices listed by the FDA.
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

This provides weekly information about adverse health events of interest. These include infectious, physical, toxic and adversities in public health.
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

The is the search site for specific reports, that may be searched by words or phrases.
National Center for Environmental Health

Some useful information on environmental issues, distinct from NIEHS. The NCEH focuses on three main areas, including those of enviromental injustice, enviromental public education, and toxicogenetics.
National Center for Health Statistics FASTATS

Great site for epidemiological information on health statistics. Information is downloadable to be viewed in PDF format.
National Center for Toxicological Research

Research information on drugs and devices.
National Toxicology Program Chemistry Health and Safety Search

This site provides access for health and safety information from the NTP database. These can be entered via CAS number, chemical name or synonym.
National Pesticide Telecommunications Network (Extoxnet)

This web site is very useful for providing information regarding specific information on pesticide products. I have used this web site extensively. It is very user friendly and full of very useful information that is difficult to find at other sites.
National Institute of Standards and Technology CHEMISTRY Web Book

This site is sponsered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology which provides a tremendous amount of information over 5,000 chemical compounds, including a physical property formula in a program for drawing your own structures.
National Toxicology (NTP)

The NTP home page provides information on carcinogen testing.
Naval Toxicology (WPAFB)

The Naval Health Research Center Toxicology Detachments mission is to develop biochemical data necessary to characterize the toxicity of materials of interest primarily to the Navy. These materials are also a benefit to the medical toxicologist.

This site provides occupational hazardous assessment, special hazard reviews and a variety of occupational health documents.
NIOSH Agricultural Health and Safety Center

Access to specific information about agricultural safety and toxicology issues.
NIOSH Criteria Documents

This provides online access to NIOSH criteria documents on specific toxins.
NIOSH International Program on Chemical Safety (IPCS)

The IPCS has developed international chemical safety cards which summarize essential health and safety information on works for a variety of chemicals.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA)

This is an excellent source for workplace drug testing. The SAMHSA manual is downloadable from this site.
Toxicology and Environmental Health Information (NIH)

This is part of the Specialized Information Services of NIH which provides information on databases, links, fact sheets, manuals, events, training and toxicology information.
U.S. Geological Service - Endocrin Disrupter Research

This provides a wealth of information and other links regarding endocrine disrupter research.
U.S. Geological Survey

This is the main home page for the U.S. Geological Survey which provides a wealth of information about soil, water, mineral and biological issues. It also provides various links to a variety of very important data sites that you will find useful.
U.S. Geological Service - Nitrate Contamination of Ground Water from the USGS

This is an excellent site for an evaluation of nitrate contamination of both surface and ground water. However, the site primarily focuses on ground water sites.
U.S. Geologic Survey Columbia Environmental Research Center

This web site provides information about the Columbia Environmental Research Center which is an U.S. Geological Survey Research facility located in Columbia, Missouri. This facility has a national reputation with expertise in environmental toxicology and chemistry with information on endocrine disrupting chemical research, as well as an acute toxicity database.
U.S. Geological Service - Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (MTBE) Contamination of Water

This is an excellent site to find further information regarding MTBE and contamination of both ground and surface water.
U.S. Geological Service - Clean Water Action Plan

This site outlines the USGS's plan for clean water.
U.S. Geological Service Toxic Substances Hydrology Program

This is an excellent USGS site that is searchable and provides bibliographies, regional and United States information on ground water contamination in ground water information.
U.S. Geological Service - Nitrate Contamination of Ground Water from the USGS

This is an excellent site for an evaluation of nitrate contamination of both surface and ground water. However, the site primarily focuses on ground water sites.
Industrial - (back to top)
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences SOLV-DB

This web site provides information regarding health and safety consideration involved in the choosing and the use of solvents. It also provides chemical and physical data affecting suitability for particular solvents in occupational tasks. It also includes regulatory responsibilities, environmental fate data, manufacturers information and a table of synonyms.
Industrial Hygiene - (back to top)

The ACGIH is an association of health and safety professionals devoted to protecting the health of the American worker in the environment. It supports the industrial hygiene profession in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of job exposures.
Army Industrial Hygiene Regulatory Document Retrieval

Lots of useful information especially on regulatory issues and interpretation.
Material Safety Data Sheets - (back to top)

This provides many different search sites with a variety of substances. This provides access to over 750,000 MSDS. It is searchable by either Internet explorer or Netscape Navigator.
MSDS Online ($$ site, free trial)

This site provides a lot of information and downloadable

Journal Abstracts from chemistry publishers such as Bentham, Elsevier, Springer and others covering over 500 journals can be searched and accessed for free.

Medical - Toxicology News - (back to top)
Healthcare HeadlineNews

HeadlineNews is a comprehensive, web-based healthcare news service. It is categorized into more than 150 news topics. Links to the full news stories are provided on each page.

An online source of information for physicians that provides full length medical journal articles (limited) and up-to-date medical news.
Natural Toxicants - (back to top)
American Zoo and Aquarium Association

Information and pictures of toxic animals. Order form to obtain the Antivenom Index which is $20-30 in their publications area. Antivenom Handbook for Australia
Antivenom Handbook for Australia

This site has the handbook online for a variety of poisonous animals from Australia. Se the site above for North America.
Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins Handbook

This is a site from the US FDA?s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. Useful information on mushroom toxidromes.
Fungi Images on the Net

This a searchable web site that contains information and photographs of various fungi both poisonous and nonpoisonous.
Medical Botany Library

Information on poisonous plants and mushrooms from around the world.
NAMA North American Mycological Association

This is a very useful site that presents various mushroom toxidromes. There is also a case registry report form that can be downloaded and reported to NAMA.
Poisonous Plant Database (Plantox) (FDA)

The Poisonous Plant Database is a set of working files of scientific information about the animal and human toxicology of vascular plants of the world. The initial files were created in 1994, and are updated periodically.
Poisonous Plants Web Page of Cornell University

This site provides information and pictures of poisonous plants. This site also lists veterinary species of interest.
The Poisonous Plant Guide

An illustrated guide to some common poisonous plants in Nova Scotia including algae, fungi and leafy plants.
Non-Government Toxicology Databases - (back to top)
Environmental Chemicals Data and Information Network (ECDIN)

This is a factual data base created by the European Commission, Joint Research Centre at the Ispra (I) site. It contains a list of chemical information for each chemical listed. One of its sections is PHATOX (PHArmacological and TOXicolgical) data which includes health evaluations, toxicological data, epidemiological data and health hazard evaluations.
Karolinska Institutet Poisoning Information

The site provides access to many links with detailed information on a variety of poison issues including: General, bites & stings, food poisoning, gas poisoning, plant poisoning, lead, iron, mercury, cadmium, nickel, drug, and hazardous substances. There are may pictures and multiple link at each of these.
Reprotox An on-line reproductive toxicology resource.

Reprotox provides current assessments on potential harmful affects of environmental exposure to chemicals and physical agents on human pregnancy, reproduction and development. This on-line source requires a subscription.
Organizations - (back to top)
American Academy of Neurology

Home page for the AAN. They have position papers and other useful information available.
American Association of Poison Control Centers

Home page for AAPCC with information on the organization, members and specific sites.
American Board of Veterinary Toxicology

This is an excellent site that includes information for veterinary members as well as a variety of links and other important information that members will find useful.
American College of Cardiology

This site has a weatlh of information. Following free registration, you can download full text documents from College's journal ÒThe Journal of the American College of Cardiology.
American College of Emergency Medicine

This site contains the latest news, updates and guidelines for emergency physicians.
American College of Medical Toxicology

Web site for links to ACMT.
American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Home page for information and links to occupational areas, many with toxicology information.
American College of Physicians

ACP provides selections from ACP journals; CME, medical computing, managed care information and a members only section.
American College of Toxicology

Home page for the ACT. There is meeting information, general information, meeting registration etc.
American Council on Science and Health

This is an organization that reviews many controversial toxicoloical issues in the news.
American Gastroenterological Association

Home page for the AGA.
American Medical Association

Web site for the AMA. Many links, services and product information.
American Nursing Association

Home page for the ANA, with many links and useful information for nurses.
Biologic Effects of Low Level Exposures (BELLE)

The BELLE web site focuses on dose response relationship of toxic agents, pharmaceuticals and natural products over wide dosage ranges in vivo and in vitro. The principle emphasis of this group is to promote the scientific understanding of low level effects.
British Toxicology

This link takes you to the British Toxicology Society home page.
Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology (CIIT)

CIIT provides information on specific research on environmental and occupational toxicants.
International Life Science Institute

Broad areas of medicine with very useful publications and information on risk analysis at the Risk Science Institute.
Medical Review Officers Certification Council

Information about certification for medical review officers for drug testing interpretation in the workplace. Application for courses and certification examinations.
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information

Information and abstracts on smoking, alcohol and other substances of abuse.
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Links for information about the organization, its meetings and publications.
Society of Toxicology

Links for information about the organization, its meetings and publications.
World Health Organization

This is the home page for the InfoServer for WHO. It provides many links and useful information.
Other - (back to top)
Environmental Defense Fund's SCORECARD

Information on a local level about releases and top sources of pollutants in an area, searchable by zip code. This site is informational, but bias must be considered.
United Auto Workers

This site provides information which appears primarily directed to providers of care as well as for members of the UAW on specific information. It includes up to date information on regulations such as the methylene chloride standard.
Pharmacy & Pharmaceuticals - (back to top)
Clinical Pharmacology Online ($$$ site)

Search engine for commonly prescribed drugs with; dosages, indications, interactions, pharmacokinetics, costs and more.
Dietary Supplements

This web site provides information regarding dietary supplements.
Drugs of Abuse - Street Drugs

This is a comprehensive collection of drugs of abuse, although the information is somewhat basic it is very comprehensive.
Holistic Medicine

This is an interesting and very useful site that provides a lot of information on holistic medicines and alternative therapies.

Important site that includes drugs of abuse primarily involving the "rave" scene.
Martindale's Health Science Guide The Virtual Pharmacy Center

Access to Martindale's pharmacy center for drug information.

This is an interesting link for those interested in the topic of necrokinetics.
Pharmacy (Medicine, Biosciences)

This site contains many links to pharmacy related resources, including schools of pharmacy, on-line journals, CME, and societies.
RxList Internet Drug name Category Cross Index

Searchable database of 4,000 prescription and OTC drug products designed for the lay public.
ScripWorld Pharmaceutical News

Scrip is the only international, twice-weekly newsletter reporting on the pharmaceutical sector, covering prescription and OTC medicines and biotechnology news.
Regulatory - (back to top)

HazDat link provides information regarding site characteristics as well as substance specific information. It also contains information from the EPA, Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Information System. (CERCERCLIS)
ATSDR Minimal Risk Levels (MRLs) for Hazardous Substances

This site lists the ATSDR minimal risk levels (MRLs) for hazardous substances. The MRLs are estimates of daily human exposures to hazardous substances.
ATSDR Science Corner

The ATSDR Science Corner is the gateway for environmental health information and resources. Its primary focus is to find and share global information and resources between human exposure to hazardous chemicals and adverse human affects.
California - Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

This site provides a wealth on Prop. 65 data including hot spots, scientific documents, and other useful information.
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention

This is the main website for the Centers for Disease Control with many links to a variety of other sites.
Consumer Product Safety Commission

This is a searchable database with a variety of information about consumer products and poison prevention.

This is the web site address for the home page for the Environmental Protection Agency with a variety of useful information and links.
EPA - Center for Environmental Information and Statistics

This is an extremely useful web site that I have used extensively. It provides up to date environmental profile information on air, soil and water contamination's. This can be searched by counties throughout the United States and is very user friendly. It is especially useful for determining background airborne concentrations or water concentrations of toxicants.
EPA Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)

IRIS is primarily maintained by the U.S. EPA. This is an electronic database with information on exposure to various chemicals in the environment. It provides information on oral reference doses and inhalation reference doses as well as hazard identification oral slope factors and oral and inhalational unit risks for carcinogens.
EPA - National Environmental Publication Information

This EPA site offers more than 6,000 U.S. EPA publications that are available.
EPA Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxics Substances (OPPTS) electronic newsletter

This is an electronic newsletter from the OPPT that is posted weekly. Free subscriptions are available online at the address. Worth reading!
EPA Superfund Ecorisk Assessment Process

This document provides guidance to site managers and Remedial Project Managers who are legally responsible for the management of a site on how to design and conduct technically defensible ecological risk assessments for the Superfund program.
Food and Drug Administration

This is the on-line home page to the Food and Drug Administration. There are many versions of this site including biologicals, cosmetics, human drugs, devices, toxicology research and Med Watch ADR reporting.
Health and Human Services

Assess point for information about and from the Department of Health and Human services.
Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA)

MSHA is a division of the Department of Labor. It is a very useful web site regarding issues of mining and mine safety information.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

This provides information about OSHA regulations and compliance, OSHA fact sheets and upcoming meetings.
OSHA Regulations (Standards 29 CFR) Subpart Z

This site provides detailed information on the OSHA regulated substances.
OSHA Standards

This provides direct access for available OSHA standards, including medical surveillance requirements and some medical questionnaires.
United States Department of Transportation

This is a great site for workplace drug testing information.
United States Department of Energy

This site provides a variety of information with searching capability. It also reports on information related to drug testing within that department.
Toxicology Searching - (back to top)
MedLine - PubMed

This site provides on line MedLine searching capabilities.
National Academies Press

Catelogue site for publications form the National Academy of Sciences.
National Library of Medicine's Search Site via Internet Grateful Med

The Internet Grateful Med website provides a variety of database accesses to a variety of searches including MEDLINE, AIDS line, AIDS drugs, AIDS trials, Chemical Identification, NIH Clinical Alerts, and a variety of other very useful access sites.
Specialized Information Services of the National Library of Medicine

This provides a variety of information on toxicology and enviromental health with searches and links to a variety of important organizations.

This site provides free access for tox line searches. These include access to HSDB (Hazardous Substances Data Bank), CCRIS (Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System), RTECS (Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances), GENE-TOX (Genetic Toxicology (Mutagenicity) Data, IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System), TRI (Toxicology Releases Search), Chem-info (Chemical information identification), and many others.
The Visible Human Project

The visible Human Project is a three-dimensional representation of the male and female body. The current phase deals with transverse CT, MR and cryosection images at 1-mm intervals.